$ October 30, 2016

Super Cool First Post

Greetings! This is a brand new podcast beginning very soon. Starting on November 15th, there will be a new episode released every Tuesday morning through December 20th. And then we'll see what happens after that.

The episodes will live here, right where you're looking. And you can listen on iTunes and SoundCloud too.

Are you an artist who has questions and concerns about money? Do you have stories to share about financial hurdles you're facing or have overcome? Well you don't have to wait. You can connect with us now by emailing noybpodcast@gmail.com, by calling our hotline to leave a message, or dropping us a line there on that page.

You can also hit us up on Facebook or Twitter - and why not follow us there while you're at it?

Great, this is going to be good. More to come as we lead up to the launch on Nov. 15.

Stay tuned!