05 December 15, 2016

Time + Design, Pt. 2

Design work is considered in a more literal sense this week, as the conversation continues with Caroline's buddy Josh Jacob, a graphic designer and co-founder of Cosette. They discuss what's good about being in business for yourself, and what sucks about it.

04 December 7, 2016

Time + Design, Pt. 1

Time is money so we gotta talk about that too. Caroline begins some conversations that will continue into next week's episode, in her quest to figure out why she's so bad at time management, and what she can do to overcome it. Creative coach Alfonso Victoria offers his insights on designing routines, and freelance journalist/craft-biz-superstar Grace Dobush talks about the realities of her freelance life.

03 November 29, 2016

Grant Your Own Wishes

This week we're talking about grants. Caroline visits Art Off Pike where she runs into several grantees, then spends some time at The Lodge as Scott Beseler gets ready for ArtWorks' Big Pitch.

02 November 22, 2016

Take Cover(age)

We talk this week about the ins and outs of the ACA (Obamacare). Bradley Younger of Midwest Health Insurance Associates tells us how an independent insurance agent can help you navigate the nonsense. And Caroline's boss - Rus Garofalo of Brass Taxes - joins us from St. Louis and gives his take from the tax perspective. Don't worry, we also have fun in this episode.

01 November 15, 2016

Vulnerability For The Win

In this first episode, host Caroline Creaghead introduces herself and talks about what she's going to talk about. We also go to Go Bananas Comedy Club to join a writing session with some comedians who open themselves up to feedback on the jokes they're working on. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, we're talking to you here if you're someone who creates things and wants to hear from other creators about how they handle (or get hung up on) money.