03 November 29, 2016

Grant Your Own Wishes

Grant Your Own Wishes

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  • Grants Resource Center at the Cincinnati Public Library

    Located in the Information & Reference Department at the Main Library, The Grants Resource Center provides visitors with free public access to grantmaker directories, books on fundraising, proposal writing, and nonprofit management, as well as the Foundation Center’s electronic databases.

  • Renaissance Covington

    This organization is responsible for Art Off Pike and many other opportunities for artists in Covington. Their mission is to stimulate and organize proactive community efforts to revitalize downtown Covington for everyone.

  • People's Liberty

    People’s Liberty makes grants to individuals in Greater Cincinnati. They have several funding opportunities for projects that address challenges and uncover opportunities to accelerate the positive transformation of our city and surrounds.

  • ArtWorks Cincinnati

    ArtWorks has lots of opportunities for artists, including Big Pitch: the annual grant competition for creative small businesses that Scott Beseler participates in in this episode.

  • The Center for Great Neighborhoods - Creative Placemaking Grants

    Among all the great community resources The Center provides are a couple of different grant opportunities: Creative Community grants and Nano Grants. Find out more about them here.

  • The Lodge

    Take a peek inside Scott Beseler's Masonic lodge turned multimedia studio and community resource center for independent artists in Dayton, Kentucky. Or however you want to describe it.

  • Plop! and Pull Club

    Check out Amy Scarpello's work, including the bean bag project she did with a grant from People's Liberty (Plop!) and her printmaking studio (Pull Club).


    Janet Creekmore and Ben Jason Neal's mobile art gallery - check it out!

  • Caravan Traveling Sound

    Rachelle Caplan's magical, modest, musical mobile sound studio, made possible with grant funding.

  • Covington Ten

    This is a secret group of ten people in Covington who every quarter pool financial resources to fund select projects, granting up to $12,000 per year. Their identities are hidden, but you can reach them with creative proposals at covingten@gmail.com