About None of Your Business

Making art is not about making money, but when money is a problem it can be a major drag. And it's never fun to talk about.

In this podcast, Caroline Creaghead talks to fellow artists about financial hang-ups, and to the professionals who can help us wrap our heads around this stuff.

Financial well-being isn't just for people with a steady paycheck. By sharing stories and resources, we get a better sense of what we're up against and how to handle it.

None of Your Business is made possible by a Creative Community Grant from The Center for Great Neighborhoods in beautiful Covington, KY.

About The Host

Caroline Creaghead is a creative producer in Covington, KY. She began her career producing live stand-up comedy shows in NYC, and has for ten years been helping artists with the business side of doing their thing.

You can check out some of her work at creagheadco.com.